'Jailer' Sets Record: Japanese Couple Visit Chennai to Watch Superstar Rajnikanth's Film

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  August 10th 2023 01:12 PM  |  Updated: August 10th 2023 01:12 PM

'Jailer' Sets Record: Japanese Couple Visit Chennai to Watch Superstar Rajnikanth's Film

Today is a momentous day for cinema enthusiasts as the much-anticipated film 'Jailer' graces theaters across the country, bringing back the legendary Rajnikanth to the silver screen after a two-year hiatus. Fondly referred to as 'Thalaiva' by his ardent fans, the excitement surrounding this movie is palpable, with dedicated followers wholeheartedly embracing the traditions associated with Rajnikanth's films.

The fervor has already been set in motion with the early premiere of 'Jailer' in cinemas, causing a surge of fans to flock to theaters, particularly in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where Rajnikanth's star power is undeniable. Some die-hard fans have been queuing up at the theaters since the wee hours, their eagerness pushing the theater doors open in their rush to catch a glimpse of their beloved star's latest cinematic offering.

From far across the seas, a couple from Osaka, Japan, embarked on a journey to Chennai, drawn by the allure of witnessing 'Jailer.' This international interest speaks volumes about Rajnikanth's global appeal. Yasuda Hidetoshi, the head of Rajnikanth's fan club in Japan, shared their enthusiasm, stating, "We have come from Japan to Chennai to witness the 'Jailer' film."

The pre-booking numbers for 'Jailer' have been nothing short of impressive, with a staggering amount of 14.18 crore rupees already recorded in India. The Tamil version of the movie alone has raked in 12.82 crore rupees from the sale of 5,91,221 tickets. The Telugu version follows closely, securing 1.35 crore rupees from advance bookings, selling 77,554 tickets. Altogether, the box office has seen a total sale of 6,68,775 tickets, solidifying 'Jailer' as a massive draw.

The Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association recently issued a directive to theaters within the state, urging them to showcase 'Jailer' in all their cinema halls. The film's director, Nelson, is riding high on this widespread attention, not just within Bollywood but also making waves in the Hollywood industry.

'Jailer' is indeed a significant milestone in Director Nelson's career. The film's original Tamil version is being complemented by dubbed releases in Telugu and Hindi. The captivating musical score has been orchestrated by the talented Anirudh Ravichandar, adding another layer of anticipation for the film. As the release day for 'Jailer,' which falls on August 10th, approaches, companies in Chennai and Bangalore have declared a holiday for their employees, illustrating the film's impact.

In 'Jailer,' the esteemed Ramya Krishnan takes on the role of Rajnikanth's wife, showcasing their on-screen chemistry. Notably, the celebrated South Indian actor Mohanlal makes a special cameo appearance, adding further star power to the already impressive lineup. Alongside Rajnikanth and Mohanlal, the film features renowned actors such as Jackie Shroff, Tamannaah Bhatia, Vinayakan, and Yogi Babu, all contributing to the movie's star-studded ensemble.

With the nation abuzz and fans eagerly waiting to witness Rajnikanth's return in 'Jailer,' the film's impact on the Indian cinema landscape is undeniable, solidifying its position as a cinematic spectacle worth celebrating.


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