Are Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah Dating? Coffee Date Fuels Relationship Gossip

Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah were spotted after their coffee outing; fans speculate something brewing between the two.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  August 09th 2023 01:45 PM  |  Updated: August 09th 2023 01:45 PM

Are Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah Dating? Coffee Date Fuels Relationship Gossip

The popular stunt-based reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 13, has not only showcased daring feats but also heartwarming interactions. Recently, Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah, two well-known faces from the show, created a delightful moment as they met a group of young fans outside a Starbucks in the city. This charming encounter captured the hearts of many and reminded us that celebrities, like everyone else, have a soft spot for their admirers.

Viral video of Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah

In a viral video that spread like wildfire, Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah were seen outside Starbucks, surrounded by a group of eager young fans. The joy on the kids' faces was palpable as they met their on-screen idols. Shiv's humility shone brightly as he engaged with each child, showing that he's not just an actor but a 'heart-tainment' sensation, as the paparazzi aptly put it.

Shiv's Kind Gesture

As Shiv Thakare prepared to leave, the young fans gathered around him, creating a heartwarming scene. Shiv's gesture of handing out money to the kids and his advice on patience left a lasting impression. Amidst the excitement, Daisy Shah looked on, clearly moved by Shiv's thoughtfulness.

A Selfie-Filled Farewell

Daisy Shah joined in on the fun, posing with the thrilled youngsters and creating lasting memories. The kids even convinced Shiv to join them for some selfies, and his infectious smile revealed the genuine joy he experienced in those moments. It was a departure filled with smiles and laughter.

Style and Elegance

Shiv Thakare sported a printed white shirt adorned with floral motifs, paired with denim. Daisy Shah, on the other hand, exuded casual chic in coordinated athleisure wear and a no-makeup look. Their effortless styles added to the charm of the occasion.

Netizens' Heartfelt Reactions

The heartwarming encounter didn't go unnoticed by netizens. Many praised Shiv for his humility and genuine connection with his young fans. One fan expressed, "He truly made the kids happy," while another remarked, "I've never seen a celebrity so down-to-earth before."

As of now, both of them are yet to comment on the speculation of their dating. 


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