Wamiqa Gabbi couldn't agree more with Isha Rikhi as she bluntly talks about male-dominated industry!

written by Ritika Nath | June 15, 2021

Our Punjabi entertainment industry is undeniably male-oriented. We all know this fact, but however, we also do deny this. When it comes to females, there are always fewer opportunities left for females to choose from.

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Well, we here don’t imply that are male celebrities are less than females. Of course, gender is no bar to define the capability or the versatility of the artists. Our motive is to draw attention towards the reality the female artist face in any field yet there are untold or unheard stories behind it. Recently, actress Isha Rikhi during an interview with a national daily mentioned what problems they face and her answer was highly supported by Wamiqa Gabbi. In the interview when Isha was asked how people approach her she revealed that though she is highly attractive, she is unable to act on TV. People judge her abilities without understanding that she hasn't been given plentiful inflexible work in which to prove her worth, she said. While male actors have an easier time fitting the top parts, female performers have to work harder to break into the field.
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She also spoke bluntly about how some producers frighten female actors if they deny the film due to any reason. She claimed that directors who are refused by female actors openly proclaim, "Achha, Mainu Mana Karengi." In support of Isha Rikhi’s answer, Wamiqa Gabbi also uploaded the clip of Isha Rikhi’s blunt answers on her Instagram stories praising Isha Rikhi to openly talk about such topics and that too with ease. ALSO READ: Prem Dhillon is all set to release his next track ‘Mere Wala Jatt’ on ‘This’ date! Read here to know the details.
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Wamiqa Gabbi stood behind Isha wrote, “It takes guts to say the truth… Happens with all the actresses, including character artists of our Punjabi industry but they choose not to talk about it because .... well I’m sure they have their reasons.” However, many other actors have also spoken about the same, directly or indirectly way, but Wamiqa and Isha Rikhi’s outspokenness is absolutely commendable.


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