Weekend Mania: 5 Reasons To watch Satinder Sartaaj And Aditi Sharma Starrer ‘Ikko Mikke’

written by Diksha Kapoor | March 11, 2020

Famous Sufi singer Satinder Sartaj is coming along with actress Aditi Sharma on silver screens with ‘Ikko Mikke’ on March 13, 2020. The film is based on the concept of ‘soulmates’ which makes the film interesting. Trailer of the film was released on Februaury 21 and it has fetched more than four million views as of now. If you haven’t seen the trailer, go and watch it as soon as possible and read these five reasons to watch the film. Reason 1: Sufi Singer v/s An Actor We all are aware of the fact that Satinder Sartaaj is the king of Sufi music in the industry. But with ‘Ikko Mikke’, we will get the opportunity to see Sartaaj stepping into the shoes of an actor. Yes, he has acted before in the film ‘The Black Prince’ as Maharaja Ranjit Singh but ‘Ikko Mikke’ is different. Sartaaj’s previous film was a bit historical. But this is a complete commercial film where everyone is excited to see Sartaaj’s portrayal of character as a husband. Reason 2 : Old Husband-Wife Fights With A Twist The film is definitely worth seeing by the couples who are struggling in adapting their partner’s routine. Film captures the decades old husband wife fights but with a twist. Freshness is seen in the fighting and quarrelling scenes which brings a subtle smile on the faces of the audience.

Reaon 3: Mistakes And Apologies Film’s trailer captures couple finding difficulty to say sorry to each other. We all inject the thoughts of using please, sorry and thank you to others. But how difficult it becomes to use these words when it comes to us is shown in the film. It becomes important to watch this film to know the importance of committing mistakes and then realising it in a relationship. Reason 4 : Balance Between Career and Personal Life Film shows different career choices of the married couple. It does show the condition of a house wife in our society. Where Sartaaj is a fine arts student and works in the field of animation, Aditi on the other hand is fed up of searching an identity for herself.
Reason 5 : Masala Of Magic The film shall witness a scene where the souls of Sartaaj and Aditi exchange with each other so that they get to live each other’s lives. With a twist of magic, biggest lessons of leading a happy married life shall be revealed in the film. This film is surely going to be a worth watch. Fights and issues between a cute couple is looking very entertaining in the trailer. The film shall prove to be a ‘relationship expert’ or a ‘marriage counsellor’ for sure. Whether the couple sorts their issues or not is answered in the film. So, book your tickets for the film now!


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