Welcome To New York Review: Diljit Dosanjh's Energetic Performance Fails To Save The Film

written by Parkash Deep Singh | February 28, 2018

Welcome to New York piggybacks on IIFA awards for its premise. Diljit plays Teji Sandhu, a small town lad who also aspires to become an actor whereas Sonakshi Sinha plays Jeenal Patel, a fashion designer who loves to frown upon even the most trivial of things. The duo gets a chance to attend the IIFA awards in New York as a result of winning a talent contest. Things take a U-turn when Lara Dutta, who wants to make things even with her boss, Boman Irani (The organiser of the event).

In a bid to add more humour (which seems somewhat desperate), Karan Johar is seen playing a double role; Karan, the exaggerated version of himself and Arjun, a wannabe Don who hates Karan and his movies. Arjun intends to abduct Karan during the show.

Though on the face of it, the storyline of Welcome to New York may seem quite amusing and appealing, but in reality, it's nothing more than a blown out version of a laugh riot. Be it the screenplay or the actors, chances are that you may find yourself befuddled witch sheer lack of vision. For example, watching Katrina Kaif dismiss someone for his bad acting or Aditya Roy Kapoor doling out ‘hard-learned acting inputs’ makes one wonder whether the filmmaker actually tried to make it paradoxically funny or intended to take it on face value.

Talking about our Punjabi star Diljit Dosanjh, his energy and impressive screen presence does give out a couple of light moments here and there but unfortunately, that's not good enough o save the film. Last but not the least, absolutely nothing merits the 3D release of the 'Welcome to New York' which rather looks like a desperate attempt to cover the shoddy screenplay.


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