When Ranbir Kapoor didn't take Aamir Khan's THIS advice and thought, 'Ye Kya Bol Raha Hai'

written by Ritika Nath | July 23, 2022

Ranbir Kapoor talks about Aamir's advice for him: Ranbir Kapoor starring Shamshera has been released in  theaters on July 22. The film which also stars Vaani Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and several others have been receiving mixed reaction from the movie buffs. Ahead of the film, Ranbir Kapoor and the entire team effortlessly promoted their films online. A new video of Ranbir revealing about the time when Aamir Khan advised something to the Shamshera actor and he didn't take it seriously is going viral on the internet.

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In an interview with YouTuber Prajaskta Kohli, ranbir Kappor talked about one of the advice that Aamir Khan gave to the actor but he  thought it was any use at that time.

While talking candidly, Ranbir stated, "Aamir Khan had told me this before I became an actor which I didn't really understand back then. I just thought ‘kya bol raha hai’. But he told me that before you become an actor, what I suggest you do is pack a bag and just travel around India. Most of us (have) grown up in luxury, who are privileged (and) don't really know our country, our culture, and how diverse it is.

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Well, I have done it in different ways but I didn’t do it at the time that I should have done it. Today because I’m an actor and I’, recognized so it’s harder for me to do it, if I had done it at that time to travel small towns, travel in bus in trains, I think it was a great lesson that he was trying to give me which I didn’t do it but definitely you guys should do it” concluded Ranbir.

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Apart from this, Ranbir Kapoor also revealed about the experience of working opposite Sanjay Dutt and how mischievous the veteran actor is on the sets with everyone. Ranbir Kapoor also referred him as 'teddy bear' who keeps on entertaining people on the sets.

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