Wow! Jaipur-based IT firm gives 'Day-Off' to its employees to binge-watch 'Money Heist'

written by Ritika Nath | September 04, 2021

The season of the globally acclaimed Spanish show La Casa de Papel or Money Heist got released on September 3, and guess what a Jaipur-based IT company offered its employees a "Netflix and chill holiday" so that they can binge-watch the show?

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Well, it does sound weird but it is true! Verve Logic, a Jaipur based company’s CEO Abhishek Jain issue an official statement to its employees about this regard. The CEO declared a holiday so that the company could avoid, abundance of false mails from its employees seeking permission to get a leave on September 3 just to binge watch ‘Money Heist’.

According to Jain that this decision was taken to prevent the unnecessary bundle of emails with false leaves or to demolish the mass bunks.

Image Source: Instagram

He further explained that the company understood that taking a break to recharge was acceptable. Jain also stated that he wanted to applaud all employees for the work, stating that after all of the recent stress, "we know after all, 'Ek Break to Banta Hai'. "

Jain stated in his email that the holiday was taken to avoid an attack on our emails with false leaves or to witness mass bunks, and that he had turned off his mobile phone for the day.

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Image Source: Instagram

The post drew attention from all over the world, with even Netflix India's official account making a comment on it. The streaming service joked that it had already planned excuses for missing work, but that the idea of a vacation was "fantastic."


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