'YouTube is bigger than any other OTT platform', says 'Yaar Chale Bahar' director Rabby Tiwana

written by Ritika Nath | July 21, 2022

Yaar Chale Bahar Director Rabby Tiwana interview: Punjabi entertainment industry has recently shown distinction with its original content. Web series have started to grab more attention than movies and one such Punjabi web series which is garnering huge recognition is ‘Yaar Chale Bahar’, written and directed by Rabby Tiwana.

Punjabi web series Yaar Chale Bahar is currently a hit featuring young actors and it’s evident that the idea is relatable to everyone, specifically Punjabis who want to travel abroad.

Rabby Tiwana was the man behind creating the first Punjabi web series ‘Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree’ which received massive appreciation and now he came up with 'Yaar Chale Bahar'.

In a recent conversation with PTC Punjabi, Rabby Tiwana talked about how everyone started and what it took to make 'Yaar Chale Bahar'.

Where did you get the idea from?

Director Rabby Tiwana stated that “I wanted to create something unique and relatable and also which is very recent. People going abroad is the main issue this day and that's what inspired me to create this web series.

"In order to grab peculiar details about the concept, I myself went to the coaching institutes and learned about several stories of people who wanted to do IELTS," he said, adding that the co-writers Tejinder Harry, and Sukh Chattha were of great help.

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What is your obsession with the word ‘Yaar’ in the title?

“This word provides a very personal touch; like whenever we talk to any person in a crowd, we refer to them as ‘Yaar’. Initially, Yaar Chale Bahar’ was not finalized as the title for the series as it was named ‘Band Boogi Bahar’. Then, several other titles like ‘Let’s Go Bahar’ and others came to our mind but nothing worked. Finally, the title ‘Yaar Chale Bahar’, which was given by me, was finalized.

What do you look for while choosing the cast?

Besides looking for great acting skills it is the persona of the character that must reflect in the actor. While searching for a particular character, there is already an image created in the mind to portray the role.

When do you eye to go for big OTT platforms, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

Well, I don’t think that there is any big platform than YouTube. The reason is that the viewership on YouTube is huge than that of any other OTT platform like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. So, YouTube itself is a big platform. However, people generally do not accept because people don’t value anything which is free instead they think that paid things are better.

In fact, options are minimal for Punjabi content on these OTT platforms. Once there will be options, I might opt to go for them as well.

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Watch the latest episode here:

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