Yuvraj Hans's son Hreedan has everyone's heart as he tries to play Harmonium!

written by Ritika Nath | September 14, 2021

Yuvraj Hans often shares adorable videos of his son Hreedan singing and doing riyaaz along with him. The one year-old kid is already following the legacy lead by his grandfather and father in the  musical way.

Hreedan has everyone's hearts as he tries to sing along with his father and even his uncle Navraj Hans at times.

Recently, Yuvraj Hans shared yet another video of Hreedan where he is trying to play Harmonium and trying to sing.

Image source: Instagram

The video in no time garnered much love as the little star grabs everyone's eyeballs with his talent. Yuvraj Hans along with the video wrote, "Hauli Hauli Sikh Jaayega Mera Riddu Piddu😍😘🧿🙏🏻"

Which can be closely translated as, My little one will learn slowly and steadily.

Well, undoubtedly, Hreedan has learned a lot in such a small age and we believe he will also lead as an amazing artist just like his father, uncle and grandfather.

Image source: Instagram

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Image source: Instagram

Though, this is not the first time, that Hreedan is making round on the internet with his love for music and instruments. Previously, Yuvraj Hans shared a video of Hreedan singing and trying to play a mini guitar as he sings.


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