83 Review: The film has filled the iconic World Cup win of 1983 in the most beautiful manner

written by Kirti Pathak | December 22, 2021

  In the year 1983, the Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev led the team to bring home the first-ever world cup for the nation. The team was seen as underdogs, and Kabir Khan portrays in the right way the journey which taught the whole of India to trust and set their hopes on the cricket team.

The film starts with the very well crafter passport scene to give an introduction of the characters in the film.

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Light conversations and some dialogues at the start make the audience aware of the fact that Indians didn’t have faith in India to bring home the World Cup trophy. This is a reminder that the win was important not on the world stage but only for earning respect. Kabir Khan has finely done the research as every reel image is showcased with the real one in every stage of the film. The two images are defining moments of the World Cup Journey, making one realize that the film is a mixture of drama and sport together.

During the world cup finals, not the win but the way with which the cricket team knocked out West Indies which was one unbeatable cricket team of the period is a lot for the Indians.

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The expectations from the Indian Cricket Team were very low where Indian Skipper Kapil Dev created history with his Mongoose bat, but the legendary innings could not be recorded over the camera.

The film’s sequence is a paise wasool trip if you have paid to watch the film. On that historical day, Kapil Dev’s inning earned a huge amount of respect and a spot at the table where India has been lacking. In the film, Captain’s intentions to win the world cup are not taken seriously by others around different points which ignites the team to put forward their best foot and win the world cup.

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Kabir Khan’s dramatic story is all about glorious wins, hurtful defeats, small joys, and sorrows which each and every player of the team feels in the journey of winning the World Cup and also everyone’s belief.

The sports drama is made perfect with Ranveer Singh totally nailing Kapil Dev’s style of talking, his iconic Natraj shot on the field, his body language, and his bowling actions.


Image source InstagramThe iconic win and the picture of captain Kapil Dev lifting the World Cup are the moments the audience wants to feel emotionally charged into it.

1983 win is considered as the Underdog team’s win in which each actor has presented himself flawlessly as the iconic cricketer from the 1983 winning team. The film has been made well with various contributions including skillful narration, nuanced and internalized performances, and input of technical brilliance.

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Though the film ‘83’ has been crafted very well but had some scope for good music. The film is completely worth watching a film which will surely impress you with the most iconic win.


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