Akshay Kumar reveals marriage plans of Katrina amid her wedding rumors with Vicky Kaushal

written by Kirti Pathak | November 10, 2021 06:57pm

On his YouTube page, Kapil Sharma has published the uncut version of the episode with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, who appeared on Sony TV's The Kapil Sharma Show to promote their new film Sooryavanshi.

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Katrina refuses to take popcorn when Kapil offers it to her in the video. Soon after, Archana Puran Singh recalls how she was eating dosa at a film shoot and Akshay was curious about how it tasted but never tried a bite. Archana is mistaken about Akshay, who says she thinks he's someone else because he never diets. "Abs wala hero nahi hai," he laughed.

Katrina continued the subject about food by revealing that Akshay makes a delicious omelet. "Of course, he was a professional chef," Kapil continues, referring to Akshay's cooking background. Katrina corrects Kapil, saying that while Akshay was not a trained cook, he "was putting things together."

'Rehdi main kaam karta tha (I worked with a street seller),' Akshay interrupts because the actor is attempting to explain. "Haan haan," Akshay says when Archana wonders if that was true. Kapil and the audience are both impressed with the talk.

Katrina Vicky Image Source-Google

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Kapil then decided to put Katrina's knowledge of cutlery to the test. With the help of Kapil, Akshay, and Archana Puran Singh, Katrina gives all the kitchenware funny new names. She even decides to remove a utensil from the table because she claims she does not have it in her kitchen. As Katrina passes the test, Akshay exclaims, "She is ready for marriage," causing the actor to flush. Katrina is rumored to be marrying Vicky Kaushal, which is interesting.

Sooryavanshi, which was launched on Friday, has been a huge hit for Katrina and Akshay. It's their seventh time working together on a film.

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