All you need to know about Sharry Maan and Garry Sandhu's spat; details inside

written by Ritika Nath | March 09, 2022

Sharry Mann has a history of using social media to make barbs at other artists. The singer recently took a shot at Garry Sandhu and Jasmine Sandlas' personal lives, following his controversial Instagram live targeting the newly married Parmish Verma.

Sharry Maan shared a video of Garry Sandhu ad Jasmine Sandlas and captioned it as 'Definition of Today Pyaar Mitro'.

Sharry Mann and Garry Sandhu image From Instagram

Following which Garry Sandhu also shared a picture of himself with Sharry Maan and captioned, "With my gay friend, who just wants to be famous,".

Further, Sharry Mann responded in his Instagram account by saying, "Dowe He Gay." He even responded to Garry Sandhu's post that it was time for the younger generation to take charge and that their time had passed. Nobody has backed up young talent more than Sharry, he said, and everyone knows it.

sharry mann post

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Sharry Mann's final message to Garry was to remind him not to take things too seriously and to remember their first meeting at the Sainsbury Birmingham during Sharry Mann's first-ever tour in the United Kingdom.

Though the audience initially thought Sharry Mann's story was amusing and that he was just inebriated, it drew criticism. Sharry Mann was chastised for invading Garry and Jasmine's privacy and interfering with their lives.

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