Amrinder Gill unveils the track list of his upcoming album 'Judaa 3'!

written by Ritika Nath | August 31, 2021

Amrinder Gill surprised everyone on his birthday with the announcement of his album 'Judaa 3' and ever since then everyone's excitement level has no bars.

His previous albums 'Judaa' and 'Judaa 2' were massively loved by the audience and it is obvious that his upcoming album will too make it to the trending charts.

Well, now we have an update related to hi upcoming album 'Judaa 3' which will definitely blow your minds. The singer has just shared the track list of his album and we just can't keep calm.

Image Source: Instagram

Amrinder Gill who is not so active on his social media accounts took everyone by surprise as he shared the track list of his album 'Judaa 3'. 

The album consist of total seven songs which are done in collaboration with spectacular artistes of the Punjabi Music industry.

Also prior to the release of the official poster of the album 'Judaa 3'; Amrinder Gill shared the deets of his album and captioned, "Judaa 3 Update🙏
Chapter ONE has 7 songs
First Song Releasing on 30th August 2021 and 6 on 1st September 2021
And yes, there will be a CHAPTER TWO. Love and Respect🙏"

Image Source: Instagram

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Raj Ranjodh, Bir Singh, Jaggi Jaggowal, Umar Malik, Navi Ferozpuria, Harmanjeet have penned the lyrics of the songs for 'Judaa 3' respectively.

Image Source: Instagram

'Band Darwaze, Chal Jindiye, Pagg ft. Nseeb, Zid Kaisi, Necklace, Gussa, Muqabla, and Band Darwaze Ballad'are the titles of Amrinder Gill's songs from the album 'Judaa 3'.

Other than this, the bonus update about the album is that Amrinder Gill will also release the second chapter of his album 'Judaa 3' as well.


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