Amrit Maan's much awaited movie 'Hakam' title changed to 'Babbar'

written by Ritika Nath | September 28, 2021

Amrit Maan, who has been making round on the internet with the release of his much awaited album 'All Bamb,'unveiled the poster for his upcoming movie 'Hakam' last month.

Image Source: Instagram

However, now, the singer has a new update related to the movie. Amrit Maan recently took to his Instagram and has shared a new poster of the movie 'Hakam' which is now titled as 'Babbar'.

The singer sharing the new poster of the movie told that the film's title had to be changed due to technical issues, and it is now known as "Babbar."

Image Source: Instagram

However, the poster is similar to what the previous one looked like which includes, a glimpse of Amrit Mann's character in the film. Needless, to say that the song is a serious movie which will include action-packed scene and Amrit Maan's outstanding acting is surely icing on the cake.

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Image Source: Instagram

Talking about the movie credits, Amar Hundal has written and directed the film. The music for the film is being composed by none other than Desi Crew. The female lead, other cast members, and release date have yet to be announced.

However the announcement of the film has already created a huge buzz over action movie lovers.


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