An Engineer's Recreation Of Iron Man Suit Will Melt Every Marvel Fan's Heart!

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 24, 2020

Do you love Iron Man 3000? Are you an admirer of Marvel, and have watched all movies and comics about Iron Man? If yes, then you will definitely fall head over heels in love with this invention. A mechanical engineer Emily has created a similar costume resembling Iron Man. Emily has designed a suit that will make you remember Marvel's imagined character. The engineer shared all the pictures of the masterpiece created by her on Instagram on her account she has shared some glimpse of the suit in numerous videos. She also shared her experience with her admirers on social media. In one such post, she wrote, “My face when I saw the painted suit for the first time”. When Emily posted her invention on Instagram, it caught the eyes of users. From all the posts she shared one post in which the whole invention could be seen got over 60,000 likes. The fans of marvel were going gaga over it. ALSO READ: RANBIR KAPOOR AND ALIA BHATT WERE TO GET MARRIED THIS YEAR
She received comments from all over the globe.  They left some loving and positive comments for appreciating the artist. The invention got so viral, that Emily gained 100k followers on Instagram in a small period of time. The masterpiece created by Emily must have taken a lot of effort and hard work. Her work has motivated so many people from the field.


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