Anil Kapoor Birthday Special: When everyone advised him to not do Lamhe!

written by Debby Rai | December 24, 2021

When it comes to Bollywood, Aamir Khan may be hailed as the only Bollywood actor who has managed to successfully cross over into more "content-oriented" films. However, Anil Kapoor is the guy who has been experimenting with cinematic content for a long time and with similar success, if not more!

Anil Kapoor - the enigmatic Hero Image Source: Google

The birthday boy (December 24) has been entertaining the masses for more than four decades, and has worked everywhere from Tollywood to TV series to Hollywood, and not to mention – the Bollywood. He has thus experienced both victory and loss in his professional life.

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The actor had earlier responded with a grin when questioned by film critic Anupama Chopra about what still motivates him and influences his decisions, saying that he takes up anything that is entirely innovative in its conceptualization, new, and fresh. Anil not only has the technical expertise required for such a lengthy career, but he also possesses the insight to differentiate between the right and wrong. His choice to pursue Lamhe was a shining illustration of his knowledge and zeal for the cause.

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Anil Kapoor's career was thriving at the time, and he didn't see the need to do a risky project like Lamhe. And Lamhe had been labeled a ‘risk’ by many, including the director; primarily in the time period it was made available for viewing. Furthermore, the subtle tinge of incest did not support the situation.

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Many people had counseled Yash Chopra to abandon the project, but Lamhe was a dream project for Chopra. He once said that he had planned to create Lamhe after delivering one major blockbuster. And after the release of Chandni, he decided that he would solely create Lamhe at that point. He identified the topic, and also found some money to support the project.

And the rest is history! The forever young and dynamic Super Hero Anil Kapoor still rules the heart with a killer smile and spreads his magic across the globe!

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