Birthday Special: Here is a list of Amrit Maan's recent releases that won our hearts!

written by Ritika Nath | June 10, 2021

Amrit Maan is one of the profound singers of the Punjabi industry, he has given many chartbusters to the industry. Today on the occasion of his birthday, we have listed some of his recent releases that have managed to entertain us amid the lockdown. Let us take a glimpse of this super hit tracklist: Eddan Ni and Prahune: Amrit Maan no doubt has amused us with his numerous songs. Out of those, Eddan Ni and Prahune are some of the amazing songs with peppy beats that made us groove on its music. Eddan Ni was in collaboration with Bohemia whereas, Prahune was in collaboration with Prem Dhillon.

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Sira E Hou and Kaala Ghoda Amrit Maan announced his album 'All Bamb' long ago and has been releasing songs from the album one after the other. The songs 'Sira E Hou' and 'Kaala Ghoda' are songs from his album 'ALL Bamb' which have been released. Both the songs are in collaboration with spectacular artists and have been loved by the audience. Sira E Hou was in collaboration with Nimrat Khaira whereas, Kaala Ghoda was with rap star DIVINE.
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'MAA', 'BAPU' and 'ALL BAMB' Be it the peppy beat number of the soulful melody, Amrit Maan has amused his fans with different genres.  Amrit Maan released two of the soulful melodies recently which were dedicated to his father and mother. 'Maa' and 'Bapu', both these songs gave us goosebumps.
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Last but not the least, Amrit Maan released the title track of his album 'All Bamb' featuring Neeru Bajwa and once again proved that nonce can beat him when it comes to versatility.  


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