Embarrassing, Yet Hilarious: Zeenat Aman's Mauritius Mishap with son Zahaan

Zeenat Aman shared the Mauritius Mishap with her son Zahaan which left her embarrassing.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  November 14th 2023 01:28 PM  |  Updated: November 14th 2023 01:28 PM

Embarrassing, Yet Hilarious: Zeenat Aman's Mauritius Mishap with son Zahaan

In a recent Instagram post, veteran actor Zeenat Aman reminisced about a unique incident from a family holiday in 1995. The Bollywood icon shared a heartwarming story involving her younger son, Zahaan, discovering an unexpected artistic talent during their stay at a resort in Mauritius.

Accompanied by throwback pictures, the post captures moments of Zeenat enjoying poolside relaxation with her sons, Zahaan and Azaan. Another image shows her stepping off the stage at an event during their vacation.

Zeenat used the platform to narrate the incident, saying, "In every parent's life, there inevitably comes a time when your child embarrasses you." She revealed that during the Mauritius trip, she was invited as a state guest for an event and decided to bring her boys along, turning the occasion into a family holiday.

The resort provided a perfect backdrop for a memorable summer vacation, with its luxurious setting, delicious food, and crystal-clear waters. The boys, particularly Zahaan and Azaan, reveled in the swimming pool activities. However, the vacation took an unexpected turn when Azaan developed an ear infection on the fifth day.

Describing the moment, Zeenat explained, "Since I didn't have a nanny, 5-year-old Zahaan had to tag along with us to his older brother's doctor's appointment." While waiting in the clinic's pristine white infirmary, Zahaan found a coloring book to keep himself occupied.

However, the surprising twist unfolded when Zeenat and Azaan returned from the doctor's office. "We re-entered the waiting room to find that Zahaan had taken it upon himself to do a little redecorating," Zeenat revealed. In a mischievous move, Zahaan discovered the clinic's stamp and an ink pad, decorating the spotless walls of the waiting room with the violet logo.

Both shocked and amused, Zeenat and the doctor were greeted by the unexpected artwork. "I can't be certain whose jaw dropped further, mine or the good doctor's," she humorously remarked. Despite Zahaan's initial beaming smile, he soon received an earful from his mother, and the doctor graciously accepted Zeenat's apologies and an offer to pay for the "damages."

Zeenat Aman, who made her Instagram debut in February, has been sharing insights into various aspects of life, including parenthood, celebrity privacy, hair dyeing, and more. Her lighthearted recollection of this family holiday mishap adds another delightful chapter to her online presence.


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