Karan Johar's Sweet Gesture Wins Heart When Farah Khan Needed a Diwali Outfit

Karan Johar makes Diwali special for Farah Khan with his sweet gesture; watch video

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  November 04th 2023 02:43 PM  |  Updated: November 04th 2023 02:43 PM

Karan Johar's Sweet Gesture Wins Heart When Farah Khan Needed a Diwali Outfit

Farah never fails to engage her fans with hilarious videos. She has wowed audiences with her exceptional work in movies like. But Farah Khan isn't just known for her filmmaking prowess; she also shares a close bond with fellow director Karan Johar. Recently, she gave us a glimpse of their heartwarming friendship when she found herself in a bit of a fashion dilemma.

Farah Khan wanted the perfect outfit for an upcoming Diwali party, and she turned to her friend Karan Johar for help. In a light-hearted video shared on her Instagram account, Farah showed us how Karan went above and beyond to make her happy. She expressed her desire for just one outfit, but what she got was a delightful surprise.

In the video, Farah Khan takes us on a tour of her room filled with a stunning array of dresses, exclaiming, "So I told Karan Johar I have nothing to wear for Diwali, and this is what he has done. He has sent stylist Eka Lakhani to my house, and just look at this! I could have shot a whole movie with this crew."

The video ends with Farah expressing her gratitude, saying, "This is why I am shooting this reel. Thank you! Need not say anything more."

The heartwarming video quickly garnered reactions from fans and followers. One fan noted, "Karan is lucky to have kind and big-hearted friends like you and SRK," while another fan expressed a wish to have friends like them.

Well, this video is a proof of the amazing bond that Farah Khan and Karan Johar shares with each other. 


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