LSD 2's Box Office Collection: Did Ekta Kapoor's Sequel Live Up to Expectations?

Ekta Kapoor's highly anticipated sequel LSD 2 directed by Dibakar Banerjee, premiered with a disappointing box office performance despite industry predictions. Initial earnings were meager, indicating a struggle to engage audiences with its new storyline.

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  April 19th 2024 09:25 PM  |  Updated: April 19th 2024 09:25 PM

LSD 2's Box Office Collection: Did Ekta Kapoor's Sequel Live Up to Expectations?

The much-anticipated release of Ekta Kapoor's latest cinematic venture, 'LSD 2', directed by the acclaimed Dibakar Banerjee, has finally graced theaters on April 19th. Since its announcement, the film has been a focal point of media attention, with audiences eagerly awaiting its arrival to see if it lives up to the expectations set by its predecessor.

However, despite the buzz surrounding the film, 'LSD 2' encountered a sluggish start at the box office upon its debut. The original film, 'LSD', which hit screens in 2010, garnered immense love and acclaim from viewers, setting a high bar for its sequel. Despite this, 'LSD 2' failed to make a substantial impact on its opening day, with early box office figures revealing a tepid response.

Initial reports indicate that 'LSD 2' managed to amass a meager 6 lakhs rupees by 7 PM on its opening day. While these figures are preliminary and subject to change, the disappointing earnings suggest that the film may have struggled to engage audiences with its new storyline. However, there remains optimism within the industry for a potential surge in revenue over the upcoming weekend.

Ekta Kapoor's 'LSD 2' Opens to Lukewarm Response

Notably, industry expert Girish Johar had anticipated a strong start for the film, projecting earnings ranging between 1 to 2 crores on its opening day. Johar believed that 'LSD 2', with its unique content, had the potential to resonate well with audiences seeking a departure from the usual cinematic fare offered in theaters.

However, despite such expectations, critics have not bestowed any notable praise upon the film thus far. Additionally, the concurrent elections may have had an adverse impact on the film's box office performance, diverting attention away from cinematic offerings. Furthermore, 'LSD 2' faced the additional challenge of online leaks shortly after its theatrical release, which may have further dampened its prospects.


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