Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor's Secret Wedding Plans: All You Need to Know!

Following their high-profile divorce in 2017, Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan have embarked on separate romantic journeys. Arbaaz has recently married celebrity makeup artist Shurah Khan, while Malaika has been in a long-term relationship with actor Arjun Kapoor.

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  April 18th 2024 11:49 AM  |  Updated: April 18th 2024 12:24 PM

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor's Secret Wedding Plans: All You Need to Know!

In the realm of celebrity relationships, the dissolution of marriages often sets the stage for a new chapter in the lives of those involved. Such is the case for Bollywood personalities Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan, who, following their divorce, have embarked on separate journeys towards personal growth and professional endeavors.

Arbaaz Khan, renowned actor and producer, recently tied the knot with celebrity makeup artist Shurah Khan, marking a significant milestone in his romantic life. Meanwhile, Malaika Arora, recognized for her multifaceted talents in modeling, acting, and dancing, has found companionship in the company of actor Arjun Kapoor, with whom she has shared a relationship for the past 6-7 years.

Despite persistent rumors circulating within the media regarding the status of Malaika and Arjun's relationship, the couple consistently dispels speculation through their palpable chemistry and mutual displays of affection. In the face of inquiries concerning their prospective wedding plans, both Malaika and Arjun have chosen a path of discretion, opting to keep details private and leaving fans eagerly awaiting any news regarding their nuptials.

Malaika Arora's recent appearance on her son Arhaan Khan's podcast, "Dum Biryani," offered a glimpse into her playful demeanor as she humorously deflected questions pertaining to wedding dates, venues, and potential partners. Preferring to indulge in chili rather than divulge details, Malaika emphasized her commitment to living in the present and enjoying life to the fullest.

The amicable relationship between Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan extends beyond their personal lives, as evidenced by their recent dinner outing alongside Arbaaz's second wife, Shurah. Despite the conclusion of their 19-year marriage in 2017, the former couple maintains a cordial rapport, prioritizing the well-being of their son, Arhaan Khan, born in 2002.

Transitioning to their professional endeavors, Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora continue to make strides within the entertainment industry. Arjun Kapoor is poised to portray a villainous role in Rohit Shetty's highly anticipated film "Singham Again," which forms part of the esteemed cop universe franchise. The movie boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including luminaries such as Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Akshay Kumar, and Tiger Shroff.

Meanwhile, Malaika Arora graces the small screen as a judge on the esteemed dance reality show "Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 11," alongside esteemed colleagues Arshad Warsi and Farah Khan. Her presence adds a touch of glamour and expertise to the show, captivating audiences with her discerning critiques and infectious enthusiasm for dance.


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