Nitish Tiwari's 'Ramayana' featuring Ranbir Kapoor put on hold? Here's what we know

'Ramayana' movie on hold: Director Nitesh Tiwari has decided to put the Ramayana project on hold indefinitely.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  June 08th 2023 11:30 AM  |  Updated: June 08th 2023 11:37 AM

Nitish Tiwari's 'Ramayana' featuring Ranbir Kapoor put on hold? Here's what we know

Ramayana movie hold: The highly anticipated film adaptation of the epic Ramayana, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, has been creating quite a buzz in the entertainment industry since the beginning of the year. People all over the internet are abuzz with speculations about the big-name stars that will be cast in this ambitious project, backed by Madhu Mantena and Namit Malhotra.

Madhu Mantena shared that bringing this legendary tale to life requires immense effort, and they aim to emulate the groundbreaking approach used by director James Cameron for his film Avatar. The project was scheduled to commence its production phase by the summer of 2023. However, recent reports suggest that Nitesh Tiwari has decided to put the Ramayana project on hold indefinitely. 

Currently, he is focused on his upcoming film titled Bawaal, featuring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor. Once he completes work on Bawaal, he will move on to another project. Nitesh Tiwari has not provided any official statements regarding the reasons behind his decision, leaving fans and industry insiders curious.

Initially, there were high expectations for Sai Pallavi and Ranbir Kapoor to portray the iconic roles of Sita and Ram, respectively, in Nitesh Tiwari's Ramayana. However, it is believed that the film's producers have reached out to several other renowned actors, including Mahesh Babu, Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Yash. Yet, there has been no official confirmation or acknowledgment from the creators regarding these casting possibilities.

In an interesting turn of events, it was rumored that Hrithik Roshan was initially approached to play the role of Raavan, while Deepika Padukone was considered for the role of Sita. However, Hrithik decided to decline the offer due to prior commitments and the lack of progress on the project. Currently, the producers are said to be in discussions with Yash regarding the role of Raavan. According to a source, Yash has been meeting with the Ramayana team and is impressed by the pre-visualization of the film.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Sai Pallavi was contacted by the film's creators because Deepika Padukone is set to portray Draupadi in another film produced by the same company. This highlights the dynamic nature of casting decisions in the film industry and the intricate web of connections between different projects.

As of now, the future of Nitesh Tiwari's Ramayana remains uncertain. Fans and enthusiasts eagerly await further updates from the director and the production team. The epic tale of Ramayana continues to captivate audiences worldwide, and the prospect of a grand cinematic adaptation only adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding this legendary saga.


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