Serial Kisser Emraan Hashmi Stops Kissing in Movies for This Reason

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  February 22nd 2024 11:08 AM  |  Updated: February 22nd 2024 11:08 AM

Serial Kisser Emraan Hashmi Stops Kissing in Movies for This Reason

In the recent blockbuster 'Tiger 3', Emraan Hashmi shared the screen with Bollywood stalwarts Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, marking yet another milestone in his illustrious career. However, what's particularly notable about Hashmi's latest roles is the conspicuous absence of the intimate kissing scenes that once defined his cinematic persona.

Dubbed as Bollywood's 'serial kisser' for his prolific portrayal of passionate romantic encounters on-screen, Hashmi has taken a deliberate step back from such scenes in his recent films. In a candid interview , the acclaimed actor shed light on the reasons behind this strategic departure and elucidated the rationale behind his decision.

Hashmi articulated, "This is in accordance with my wife's wishes, and I respect her opinion. I abstain from portraying kissing scenes in my movies. In fact, I've intended to minimize such scenes in films from the outset, but I became associated with a particular image, and many filmmakers capitalized on it." The actor acknowledged the scrutiny and criticism that often accompanied his earlier works, acknowledging the significance these scenes held in satisfying audience expectations while also expressing his personal reservations regarding their necessity.

Respect for Family and Relationships:

Reflecting on the impact of his cinematic choices, Hashmi remarked, "While reviewing my films, I genuinely believe that certain scenes were unnecessary, yet they also served as an awareness tool for the audience. It set a precedent for cinema, but it came with criticism." Despite the creative and commercial success some of these scenes may have garnered, Hashmi's primary concern lies in maintaining harmony within his personal life, particularly in his relationship with his wife.

Addressing the issue of spousal insecurity stemming from his past on-screen endeavors, the 'Murder' actor opened up about his wife's initial reservations and subsequent acceptance of his decision to eschew such scenes. "Indeed, she felt insecure at one point, but not anymore since I've ceased such scenes," he remarked. Hashmi further revealed that his wife has refrained from watching his earlier films, recognizing the potential emotional strain it may induce.


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