Shaitaan: Ajay Devgn Opens Up About Real-Life Encounters with Paranormal Activity

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 26th 2024 06:46 PM  |  Updated: February 26th 2024 06:46 PM

Shaitaan: Ajay Devgn Opens Up About Real-Life Encounters with Paranormal Activity

Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn is known for his versatility in tackling various film genres, and now he's set to delve into the realm of horror with Vikas Bahl’s supernatural thriller, Shaitaan. The movie features a stellar cast including R Madhavan and Jyotika, and it promises to send chills down the audience's spine.

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Ajay Devgn About Facing Paranormal Activity

During an event of 'Shaitaan', Devgn shared a surprising revelation about his own experiences with the paranormal. He disclosed that he has encountered supernatural occurrences during the early years of his career, spanning approximately a decade or so. Although he didn't elaborate on the specifics, he acknowledged the unsettling nature of these incidents.

Devgn expressed that the horror genre holds a universal appeal, resonating with audiences across various demographics. With 'Shaitaan' set to hit theaters on March 8, anticipation is high among fans eager to witness this spine-tingling tale unfold on the big screen.

Reflecting on the theme of the movie, Devgn emphasized the primal instinct of parents to protect their children. In 'Shaitaan', the characters played by Madhavan, Devgn, and Jyotika find themselves grappling with the terrifying prospect of their daughter being manipulated by sinister forces.

Madhavan, who portrays the antagonist in the film, highlights the unwavering strength of parents when their child is in jeopardy. Jyotika echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the profound bond between a mother and her daughter, both on and off-screen.

As the producers of 'Shaitaan', including Devgn himself, gear up for the film's theatrical release, the audience eagerly awaits the opportunity to immerse themselves in this gripping tale of supernatural intrigue.

Presented by Jio Studios, Devgn Films, and Panorama Studios, 'Shaitaan' promises to captivate audiences with its spine-chilling narrative and stellar performances. Directed by Vikas Bahl, the movie is poised to be a thrilling cinematic experience when it hits theaters on March 8, 2024.


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