Vidyut Jammwal Trolled For 'Crakk' Promotion, Sparks Controversy Over Perilous Stunt Endorsement

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  February 20th 2024 12:47 PM  |  Updated: February 20th 2024 12:47 PM

Vidyut Jammwal Trolled For 'Crakk' Promotion, Sparks Controversy Over Perilous Stunt Endorsement

Bollywood luminary Vidyut Jammwal finds himself embroiled in controversy as he fervently promotes his forthcoming film 'Crakk'. Despite his enthusiastic efforts to drum up anticipation for the movie, a recent statement has triggered a wave of criticism across Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Vidyut Jammwal Faces Criticism for Endorsing Risky Stunts

The actor's promotional endeavors took an unexpected turn when he shared a video on his Instagram account showcasing individuals engaging in perilous stunts. The footage depicted two individuals clinging onto the gates of a moving local train while performing daring maneuvers. Accompanying the video was a caption from Vidyut himself, paying homage to these daredevils.

However, instead of garnering applause, Vidyut's gesture was met with widespread condemnation. Many were quick to denounce the actor's approach to promoting his film, 'Crakk'. One social media user admonished, "Endorsing such activities is unacceptable. As a public figure, shouldn't you exercise greater responsibility?" Another expressed disappointment, stating, "We hold you in high esteem, but how could you condone such reckless behavior?" The backlash culminated in assertions of lost respect for the actor.

Vidyut Jamwal 'Crakk' Promotional Strategy Backfires Over Stunt Controversy

Critics pointed out that Vidyut had previously engaged in similar perilous stunts atop a moving train. Just days prior, he had shared another video exhibiting his prowess, sprinting across a crowded train. Vidyut's background as a seasoned stuntman, coupled with his proficiency in martial arts, has seen him execute such feats in his cinematic endeavors.

'Crakk', set for release on February 23rd, promises to deliver a high-octane sports drama action thriller featuring Vidyut Jammwal and Arjun Rampal in a riveting face-off. Despite the film's imminent debut, Vidyut' Jamwal recent actions have cast a shadow over its promotional campaign, underscoring the delicate balance between entertainment and responsibility in the realm of celebrity endorsements.


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