Yami Gautam Credits Aditya Dhar as Her Biggest Supporter During 'Article 270' Action Scenes!

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 27th 2024 12:39 PM  |  Updated: February 27th 2024 12:39 PM

Yami Gautam Credits Aditya Dhar as Her Biggest Supporter During 'Article 270' Action Scenes!

Yami Gautam is currently basking her all success, fame and sheer acclamation for her excepetionally crocheted movie, Article 370. Released recently on 23rd February, 2024, the actress is riding high with it's positive critical reviews, hailing from her global fanatics. But apart from the mere filmy fame, Yami is also currenty embracing her journey towards motherhood, as she has announced her big breaking pregnancy recently! Yes, as you heard it so, Yami Guatam and husband Aditya Dhar has recently expressed their utter joy on embracing their new chapter of life, parenthood! But what is even more interesting to learn that the actress has shot the enite film during her pregnancy and wrapped up shooting for the oozing action sequences before pregnancy.


Yami Guatam shoots for Article 370 during pregnancy!

During a recent interview, Yami Guatam has shared experience of balancing out her personal and professional fron wherein she talked about the great deals she has to go through both pre and post pregnancy period as she was going through a rigorous schedule for the film all throughout. But exceptionally Gautam was fortunate enought to finish her action sequences before pregnancy could hit her belly. "The portions that were left were mostly talking portion, scenes, exterior shots, travel and all," she quoted. 

Proceeding further, she also spoke about her professionalism as she, as an actor has taken in hands a big responsibility to act in a movie of such honorary representation. According to her, she felt immensely pleasurable while making things work on the both the sides, whether projecting representation of such an crucial part of human lives or blooming into her newness of motherhood. As per her, this feeling is beyond everything in the world. "So there are certain moments when you realize your true potential and can you do beyond your reserved energy and how much strength your mind has," she added. According to the actress, her mother and all the other mother have been her greatest inspiration for balacing both the ends of life, whether personal(family) or professional(work front). 


Aditya Dhar's immense support to Yami Gautam

But apart from her own mother and other mothers around the world, who was practically through every thick and thin of Yami's life has to be her husband Aditya Dhar, who has stood beside her all throughout the process. "The emotional support I got from him was incredible," she basked. Meanwhile he is also the producer of the film who acted all as a husband and taken all the precautions for Yami Gautam's delicate phase. Infact, there were doctors available on the set 24/7 just in any assistance required by Yami Guatam.


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