By this simple test you can check if your tea leaves are real or adulterated

Written by  Kirti Pathak   |  October 27th 2021 06:03 PM  |  Updated: October 27th 2021 06:08 PM

By this simple test you can check if your tea leaves are real or adulterated

Tea is one of the most common beverages which is consumed by almost majority of the India that too on daily basis. Because it is something which is taken daily, people prefer a good quality tea.

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Many also believe that tea that is consumed is an adulterated one that contains harmful colors and also iron flakes. So when in doubt there is a very simple method with which you can test the tea leaves.

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A test has been recommended by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to check adulteration in the tea you consume.  To conduct the test, follow these steps

*Use filter paper.

*On the filter paper spread the tea leaves you are going to test.

*Make the filter paper wet by adding some water.

*After some of the tea leaves have their stain on the filter paper, wash the paper.

*Against the light then check the stains on the filter paper.

*There will be no stain on the filter paper with the unadulterated tea leaves while on the other side the adulterated ones will have a blackish-brown stain on them.

Tea Leaves Image Source-Google

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This simple test will help you find the right tea for yourself and not fall prey to the unadulterated one which can definitely harm your skin.

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