‘Chausar: First-of-its-kind political web series in history of Punjab’: Rabindra Narayan, President and MD, PTC Networks

written by PTC Punjabi Admin | February 20, 2022

If you crave realistic fiction that ensures real-life drama, PTC Play brings you the most awaited 10-episodes political-thriller web series ‘Chausar’ – a narrative set against the backdrop of a real-life political power-struggle that ensures you the suspense, excitement, and surprises with each unfolding event.

While describing the project, Mr. Rabindra Narayan, President, and Managing Director, PTC Network, claimed that this power-packed web series is the first of its kind in Punjab, and its making, dialogues, screenplay, and overall scale is no less than any international web series.

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Talking about the title of the web series, Mr. Rabindra Narayan explained, “Chausar is actually a very old and royal game that even has a mention in the Mahabharata. It was a game of the maharajas, in which the moves and attacks were well planned, the same that is seen in today's politics.”

Mr. Rabindra Narayan further shares that the purpose behind the web series Chausar is to expose what is going in the running of the government, the political parties, and the overall politics. “There is a much complex game that goes beyond what the public reads in the newspapers or watches on the TV about politics, their leaders, and the governments.”, he added.

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“Each one decision could change the future of the entire state. People's lives depend on the smallest of the decisions made by their leaders. In fact, it usually happens that our leaders indulge in wrongdoings to fulfill their vested interests, and to retain their power.”, pointed Mr. Rabindra Narayan.

While emphasizing the uniqueness of Chausar, Mr. Rabindra Narayan said that each scene has a purpose, and even the smallest of the characters in this web series play an important role.

He added, “Other than producing this web series, I have also created the idea of this story. Pali ji took this idea forward in an exemplary way. He not just wrote the screenplay but has woven the words in the most amazing form of dialogues. Apart from this, people will get to see a lot of new faces as we have always strived to bring new talent to the fore and give them a chance and a platform.”

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While guaranteeing that Chaucer would create a huge milestone in the regional web series, Mr. Rabindra Narayan said that every Punjabi should watch Chausar as they will actually feel the presence of those characters revolving around them in real-life scenarios.

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“If people will watch this web series, they will not just experience this unique realistic fictional political drama, but will also encourage the actors and the makers to create more of such innovative and off-beat concepts.”, he exclaimed.

'Chausar: The Power Games' – the political thriller is undoubtedly a never-seen-before entertainment series that would witness the viewers stay glued to their seats as each unfolding event unravels a new mystery. Download and subscribe to PTC Play app to watch the Punjabi web series Chausar – The Power Games free on February 21, 2022.

Story by PTC Punjabi Desk

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