'Chausar – The Power Games,' a political drama series to exclusively release on PTC PLAY app shortly; new promo released

written by Ritika Nath | February 02, 2022

PTC Punjabi will be launching a new web series shortly titled Chausar- The Power Games'.

The exciting online series 'Chausar- The Power Games' is due to premiere on the PTC PLAY App soon. PTC Network offers a varied spectrum of entertainment to its audience. With Chusar, fans are more excited as the plot of the upcoming web series revolves around politics and political maneuvering.

Image Source: PTC

A new promo for 'Chausar,' a political web series, was recently released. The video begins in a Punjab village's gloomy streets. In addition, the video demonstrates how powerful politicians exploit their positions and power to mask corruption and conspiracies. The series is about the dark side of politics, with a dash of corruption and conspiracy theories mixed with it.  This intriguing teaser features intense performances and excellent cinematography.

Image Source: PTC

The current promo has been released along with the poster for the first look of this web series focused on the political drama.

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Chausar Image Source: PTC

Chausar - The Power Games will also include some of Punjabi cinema's spectacular actors. The series delves into the world of politics from a variety of perspectives.

Helmed by Gaurav Rana, the project is being bankrolled by Rabindra Narayan, and renowned filmmaker Mukesh Gautam is the Project and Creative Manager for this series.

'Chausar- The Power Games,' a forthcoming web series, will be available only on the PTC PLAY App.

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