Political drama series 'Chausar – The Power Games ' set to stream on PTC PLAY app soon; promo released

written by Ritika Nath | January 29, 2022

PTC Network, which delivers a diverse range of entertainment to its audience, is all set to premiere its thrilling web series 'Chausar- The Power Games' on the PTC PLAY App soon.

The first look poster as well as the promo teaser for this political drama series have been unveiled, and have caused quite a stir among the audience with its compelling backdrop and narrative. The promo kicks off in the dark by-lanes of a Punjab village. The web series is about the dark underbelly of politics mixed with corruption and conspiracy theories thrown in. Intense acting and superb camera work make for this gripping teaser.

Image Source: PTC

Chausar- The Power Games features some of Punjabi cinema's most talented actors. Narjeet, Mehakdeep, Suchi Birgi, Vishal Saini, Hashneen Kaur, Mahabir Bhulla, Narinder Neena, among many other artists will be seen in the upcoming web series. The promo has already piqued the interest of the audience.

The upcoming political web series is directed by Gaurav Rana and produced by Rabindra Narayan. Renowned filmmaker Mukesh Gautam is the Project and Creative Head.

Watch the promo here:

The upcoming web series, 'Chausar- The Power Games' will exclusively stream on PTC PLAY App. For more updates about this exciting new web series, stay tuned to this space.

Image Source: PTC

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