Chausar The Power Games: Does the Game of Politics ever end? promo out now

written by Ritika Nath | February 07, 2022

With their diverse horizon, Punjabi films and web series have managed to carve a niche in the industry. PTC Networks aims at providing its audience entertaining as well as unique concepts through its numerous programs and shows. Now, once again to entertain its audience, PTC Punjabi is all set to release its high-octane Political web series Chausar: The Power Games shortly exclusively on PTC PLAY App. 

Image Source: PTC

Since the announcement of the web series, it has sparked interest among viewers. A new promo has been released, and the online series is once again generating excitement.

The new trailer depicts the ugly game of politics and how it affects the people involved. Chausar: The Power Game is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly anticipated Punjabi online programs.

Image Source: PTC

The series is about politics' dark side, with a dash of corruption and conspiracy theory.

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Narjeet, Mehakdeep, Suchi Birgi, Vishal Saini, Hashneen Kaur, Mahabir Bhulla, Narinder Neena, and other talented Punjabi actors will appear in the web series.

Image Source: PTC

Helmed by Gaurav Rana the project is being bankrolled by Rabindra Narayan. Whereas, Mukesh Gautam, a well-known filmmaker, is the Project and Creative Director.


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