'Chausar: The Power Games' STREAMING NOW on PTC PLAY App; Watch Now

written by Ritika Nath | February 21, 2022

PTC Punjabi released the much-awaited Political drama ‘Chausar: The Power Games’ on February 21 exclusively on PTC PLAY App.

Given the quantity of content available, there have been numerous fascinating tales about the Indian political situation.  While some are only entertaining on the surface, others include layers of interesting content that make you think about the current scenarios. Chausar on the other hand, on PTC PLAY App, promises a taste of both. The political drama has us excited for its one-of-a-kind storyline and great performances of spectacular Punjabi actors.

Chausar-The Power Games’  showcases the deep dark secrets and exposes the real truth of Punjab Politics. It is one of a kind web series that unravels the real-life political battle that keeps you wondering with suspense, thrill, and twists at every turn.

The Political drama is helmed by Gaurav Rana and written by Pali Bhupinder Singh, whereas the project is ideated and produced by Mr. Rabindra Narayan. It is released on Punjab's largest OTT platform, PTC Play, on February 21st.

The political thriller Chausar is unquestionably a never-before-seen web series that will keep viewers gripped to their seats as each unfolding event unwinds a fresh puzzle.

You can download and subscribe to PTC Play app to watch the Punjabi web series Chausar – The Power Games for free.

Talking about the title of the web series, Mr. Rabindra Narayan explained, “Chausar is actually a very old and royal game that even has a mention in the Mahabharata. It was a game of the maharajas, in which the moves and attacks were well planned, the same that is seen in today's politics.”

Mr. Rabindra Narayan remarked that each and every Punjabi must-watch Chausar as they will experience the existence of the characters revolving around them in a practical situation.

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“If people will watch this web series, they will not just experience this unique realistic fictional political drama, but will also encourage the actors and the makers to create more of such innovative and off-beat concepts.”, he exclaimed.

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