Coronavirus Vaccine To Be Here Before Christmas?

written by Diksha Kapoor | November 07, 2020

The director of the Oxford University corona vaccine trial Andrew Pollard has released the vaccine update. While talking to the Science and Technology Committee, he said the University of Oxford trials may release the details of the vaccine before 2020 ends.

When he was asked whether the vaccine will be available till Christmas, he said  "There is a small chance of that being possible but I just don't know".

"Our trials are only one of many that are going on around the world, a number of which may well report before the end of the year."


Further, he said that for now, nothing is clear, the vaccine may or may not release by the end of this year. But the Prime Minister of England has already said that vaccines will be available in the first month of 2021. Any corona vaccine has not been approved till now, the sample of the vaccine has to pass all the regulators to be established and available for the public.


There are clinical trials going on which are in the late-stage. The particulars of the trial will be sent to regulators in a few weeks. The chief of the UK vaccine Kate Bingham told the committee "more than 50%" confident of a vaccine being developed by next summer."

Kate Bingham

She further said the results of the vaccine seems to be positive. We are looking for a vaccine that "works to some degree". We hope that the vaccine works well to reduce illness and death. There is still a little chance that the vaccine will destroy the virus completely.

The committee has also heard that Oxford University has not filled for vials yet. It means that the government will be out of 30 million doses. Afterward, Kate said they will have almost 4 million doses before the end of 2020.


The National Health Service England's chief executive said the health service is ready to conduct the vaccine of Covid-19 by Christmas.

Sir Simon Stevens stated,  "There are over 200 vaccines in development and we believe that we should hopefully get one or more of those available from the first part of next year."

Simon Stevens

"In anticipation of that we're are also gearing the National Health Service up to be ready to make a start on administering COVID-19 vaccines before Christmas. He further said, "We will be writing to GP practices this week to get them geared up to start by Christmas if the vaccine becomes available."

Kate Bingham earlier said that the vaccine may not work for everyone but now she said "We should be prepared that they might not prevent infection but rather reduce symptoms, and, even then, might not work for everyone or for long."

Sir Simon mentioned, "In many parts of the country we're now seeing more coronavirus inpatients in hospital and in intensive care than we saw in the first peak in April." He further said the health service is "adding as much capacity as it can" in anticipation of the usual winter pressures and COVID patients." The people need to do things to keep themselves away from the virus."

So, what do you think the vaccine will be here soon?


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