Following Sharry Maan's live Parmish Verma replies him and thanks him for pouring love for him and his family

written by Ritika Nath | October 20, 2021

Parmish Verma, a well-known Punjabi name, is a singer and actor. He is best known for releasing a slew of albums. He recently married Guneet Grewal. Many celebrities from the Punjabi industry were invited to the wedding.

Sharry Maan, a close friend of Parmish Verma, attended the wedding, but he seemed dissatisfied with Parmish.

Sharry Maan, who recently attended Parmish Verma's wedding, was disappointed by the latter's unwelcome hospitality. Sharry was dissatisfied after attending Parmish's wedding and went live to express his displeasure. Now, Parmish Verma has now responded to the former's statements.

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Parmish Verma apologized to Sharry Maan for the unwelcome hospitality by their side while they were busy with wedding preparations, and for making him feel unattended at his wedding.

Sharry Maan, who rebuked Parmish for his unkind behaviour on his Live, stated that he was not there to perform for Parmish, but rather to celebrate his wedding.

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To which Parmish has now shared an official statement on his social media accounts and wrote, “You gave your love and blessings to me and my family on my wedding day, during a Facebook live.”

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Furthermore, the singer stated, 'I will always respect you and will meet and greet you in the same manner as before.'

For the time being, we can only hope that things gets better between Parmsih Verma and Sharry Maan.

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