Garry Sandhu asks "fans to support each other just the way they help the celebrities; who are hardly known to them!"

written by Ritika Nath | April 30, 2021

Garry Sandhu is one of the most celebrated artist of the Punjabi music industry. He has not curated fan base in Punjab but has managed to create his vivid space in Bollywood as well.

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Right now, India is going through a unprecedent time, due to the rise of Covid-19 cases; and Garry asked his fans to support each other just like everyone supports the celebrities knowing the fact that celebrities hardly knows the existence of their fans. Sharing a picture of himself, Garry wrote, "SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY IN THIS HARD TIME LIKE YOU SUPPORT A CELEBRITY WHO DOESN’T KNOW YOU EXIST!"
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Soon after Garry posted the picture, other celebrities like Miss Pooja, Wamiqa Gabbi also commented on the post and agreed with Garry's caption.
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Wamiqa Gabbi wrote, 'On Point' whereas Miss Pooja said, 'Sahi Baat'. It is true that, when it comes to the celebrities, people blindly come forward to help them but in reality, there is hardly anyone who support and help the ones who are in need. ALSO READ:

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With this post, Garry asks his fans to help the ones who are facing a very tough time due to the surge of Covid-19. On the work front, Garry recently introduced singer Harpinder Gill under his label Fresh Media Records for the song 'Are You Okay' which also featured Garry Sandhu along with the debutant.


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