Get a sneak peek at the much-anticipated film 'Qismat 2' in theatres today, along with the release of 'Puaada'!

written by Ritika Nath | August 12, 2021 05:40pm

Viewers are returning to theatres this weekend for "Puaada" will be treated to a unique treat. Ammy Virk recently stated that the teaser for his upcoming feature "Qismat 2" will be shown alongside "Puaada" exclusively in theatres.

So, in addition to enjoying the comedy movie "Puaada," fans can expect to be swept away by the romance of the teaser for "Qismat 2."

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Ammy Virk shared the video on his Instagram account to disclose the surprise.

Sargun Mehta also took to her Instagram and expressed her happiness of releasing the teaser of the film ‘Qismat 2’. Sharing a picture with Ammy Virk and Jadeep Sidhu she wrote, "Ajj QISMAT 2 da teaser theatres ch lagg gaya.. sukoon ehna jiven film hi lagg gayi hoye ..

Hayyyeeeee.. ready ho jo fer ❤

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‘Puaada,' directed by Rupinder Chahal, will be released in theatres today. The film, which stars Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa, is a pure dose of rom-com that tries to tickle the audience's funny bones.

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As the cinemas have been officially opened, this is the first feature film to hit the big screens. As a result, it goes without saying that both the audience and the creators are quite excited about the film's release.

Also, now that word of a teaser screening for ‘Qismat 2' has emerged, the level of eagerness has increased exponentially.


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