Groom leaves early for his baarat'; friend sues groom demanding Rs 50 lakh and public apology

written by Ritika Nath | June 28, 2022

Groom sued by friend for leaving early in Baarat: A bizarre event involving a groom who allegedly dodged his friends on his wedding day by leaving with baarat before the time specified on the wedding card has been reported from Haridwar's Bahadurabad. One of the friends sued the groom pal for Rs. 50 lakh because he felt that the incident was an insult to his dignity.

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Ravi, a groom from the Haridwar district village of Bahadurabad, was sued for defamation by his friends for allegedly "dumping" them when he left with the baarat on his wedding day earlier than expected.

For help with distributing wedding invitations, Ravi had approached one of his friends named Chandrashekhar. The baarat, or wedding procession, was scheduled to start at 5, according to the save-the-dates, which his friend Chandrashekhar agreed to help with.

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baraat, image From google

But when the groom's friends arrived for the baarat, they discovered that it had gone before the time mentioned on wedding card.

Chandrashekhar contacted Ravi to find out where he was. Instead of confessing his mistake, the groom urged his guests to return to their respective homes because they were late.

According to media sources, the companions who were left behind felt it was an abuse to their "dignity" and filed a lawsuit, demanding Rs. 50 lakh in compensation from the groom.

Chandrashekhar then took matters to an extreme by hiring a lawyer and accusing individuals he had invited at Ravi's request. Additionally, he demanded a public apology from Ravi within three days.

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