Hardeep Grewal announced his next film 'SWAT Punjab'

written by Ritika Nath | October 11, 2021

With his debut movie 'Tunka Tunka'; singer turned actor actor Hardeep Grewal has surely set a high benchmark in the Punjabi cinemas. Now once again he is set to enthrall the audience with his next venture which was announced by the actor recently.

Yes, after the huge success of movie 'Tunka Tunka'; Hardeep Grewal has announced his next film titled 'S.W.A.T Punjab'. 

Image Source: Instagram

For the unversed, S.W.A.T stands for Special Weapons And Tactics, which is a term used for law enforcement units which are concerned with US military forces.

Sharing the announcement with everyone, Hardeep Grewal also wrote, "S.W.A.T PUNJAB” will be the title of our next movie after Tunka Tunka”. We did our best in the past and will do so again and promise u all that we will not disappoint you. Keep supporting.

Image Source: Instagram

As captioned by Hardeep Grewal, it is quite clear that just like his debut movie; Hardeep Grewal assures to bring something unique with his next.

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Image Source: Instagram

Talking about the film credits, the film is written by Hardeep Grewal himself and will be helmed by Garry Khatrao who also directed 'Tunka Tunka' earlier.


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