Harnaaz Sandhu wished to portray India through her costumes: Stylist Bharat Gupta

written by Debby Rai | December 24, 2021

Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe 2021, has established herself as one of the most fashionable individuals on the planet, and she has taken the world by storm with her beauty and intelligence. Although her Indian heritage is mostly responsible for her endearing nature, it is important to note that fashion director Bharat Gupta was responsible for her stunning appearance.

Harnaaz Sandhu and Bharat Gupta Image Source: Google

During an interview, when asked about the duration he has been working with Harnaaz Sandhu, Bharat replied that the first time he met Harnaaz was when she competed in Femina Miss India, which he attended as a spectator. From then on till Miss Diva and then Miss Universe, he has seen Harnaaz blossom into a beautiful, well-rounded individual. As per him, their relationship is based on level of ease, which is quite vital when you are styling someone.

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Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu Image Source: Google

On being asked about his experience while working with Harnaaz, he exclaimed that he gains so much pleasure in styling her that he will not even call it ‘work’.  He feels that you need someone who believes in your aesthetic, and Harnaaz was precisely the one who did that. She approaches each fitting as if she were a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed. She is eager to learn, she recognises and acknowledges the efforts of others, and she has a tremendous amount of respect for the individuals with whom she collaborates.

Harnaaz Sandhu visited Golden Temple Image Source: Google

So what did he think of her during their very first encounter?  This is a winner, Bharat exclaimed!  She was a gem that just deserved to be polished a little bit more. And just look at how she has blossomed into a celebrity. Her humility distinguishes her. This is what will keep her at the top of the heap.

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