Squid Game Fame O Yeong-Su Convicted for Sexual Assault

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  March 16th 2024 02:09 PM  |  Updated: March 16th 2024 02:09 PM

Squid Game Fame O Yeong-Su Convicted for Sexual Assault

Actor O Yeong-Su, widely recognized for his role in the popular series 'Squid Game', has been found guilty of sexual misconduct. The incident revolves around accusations that he hugged and kissed a woman against her wishes, leading to legal repercussions.

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Actor O Yeong-Su Found Guilty for Sexual Assualt 

The Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court handed down a sentence of up to eight months in prison for O, though the term was suspended for two years, as reported by Deadline, citing Korean sources. This decision followed allegations dating back to 2017, with O facing charges for hugging and kissing a woman without her consent. Despite the accusations, O has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Following the court ruling, O expressed his intention to appeal the decision. Additionally, the court-mandated his participation in a 40-hour sexual offender treatment program. O maintained his innocence, stating that he merely held the woman's hand to guide her around a lake. He emphasized that while he apologized, it was not an admission of guilt.

O's career spans over five decades, but it was his portrayal in the Netflix phenomenon 'Squid Game' that brought him international recognition. The series, known for its dark narrative, depicts a dystopian world where individuals from marginalized backgrounds are compelled to participate in deadly renditions of childhood games.

The legal proceedings against O underscore the importance of addressing allegations of sexual misconduct seriously.


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