Drowning in Mediocrity: Disney's Disappointing Reimagination of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Review: In the era of imaginative and captivating children's movies, The Little Mermaid is a disappointing and insufferable experience, sacrificing spectacle, substance, and soul in favour of unnerving and unappealing visuals.

Written by  Entertainment Desk   |  May 26th 2023 01:23 PM  |  Updated: May 26th 2023 02:03 PM

Drowning in Mediocrity: Disney's Disappointing Reimagination of The Little Mermaid

Lacking excitement and originality, The Little Mermaid's most recent live-action rendition falls short of delivering compelling reasons to watch. Despite my earnest attempt to approach this film with an unbiased perspective and discover its potential enjoyment, it disappointingly emerges as a lifeless and unoriginal contribution to Disney's growing list of remakes.

Plot Summary:

In a faithful adaptation of the beloved animated classic, The Little Mermaid introduces us to King Triton, the ruler of the vast seas, and his cherished daughter, Ariel. Constrained by her father's decree, Ariel is forbidden from venturing into the world above the water's surface. However, a fateful encounter with Prince Eric amidst a treacherous storm alters her destiny. Desperate to explore life beyond the ocean, Ariel strikes a difficult deal with the power-hungry Ursula, surrendering her voice in exchange for a temporary human existence. As the story unfolds, we witness a familiar tale of rebellious love, with Ariel's character embodying a complex mix of selfishness and recklessness.

Character Analysis:

The performances in The Little Mermaid lack depth, with the talented Halle Bailey unable to shine amidst the suffocating Disney packaging. Jonah Hauer-King's portrayal of Prince Eric falls flat, resembling a dull and uninspiring character. Melissa McCarthy as Ursula brings some much-needed personality to an otherwise lifeless film.

Cinematography and Visuals:

The movie's visuals are below par, lacking the ability to create an immersive underwater world. The film's avoidance of vibrant colours and the unattractive CGI fish characters, which verge on the eerie side, contribute to an unsettling overall experience. Even the human characters in the film seem oddly rendered, failing to meet the visual standards set by the impressive underwater aesthetics seen in post-Aquaman films.

Sound and Music:

The movie's soundtrack, for the most part, fails to make a memorable impact. However, there is one shining moment with the lively and delightful performance of "Under The Sea" by Sebastian. This particular song manages to break free from the irritating and forgettable pattern of the other tracks.

Writing and Dialogue:

The screenplay of The Little Mermaid is devoid of substance, missing the opportunity to evoke a sense of wonder or establish a richly built world within the seven seas. Director Rob Marshall and writer David Magee showcase a lack of enthusiasm in developing the lives and intricate dynamics of the diverse sea creatures, resulting in a shallow and unimaginative portrayal of the underwater kingdom that leaves the audience unsatisfied.

Themes and Messages:

The film explores themes of rebellion, love, and freedom but fails to deliver them effectively. Ariel's pursuit of her crush at the expense of others highlights her selfishness and recklessness, making it difficult to sympathize with her actions. The movie lacks the depth and subversion seen in other contemporary children's films that appeal to both adults and younger audiences.

Direction and Filmmaking:

The director's choices in The Little Mermaid offer little to admire. The movie suffers from poor pacing, with extended stretches where nothing significant seems to happen. The supposed romance between Ariel and Eric lacks genuine emotion or connection, leaving the audience feel indifferent.


Disney's live-action remakes often need to be revised, prioritising recreation over reinvention. The Little Mermaid fails to stand on its own merits and pales in comparison to the original animated classic. With its empty spectacle and lack of substance, this film becomes a forgettable addition to the franchise, leaving audiences longing to revisit the original.


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