Zendaya stuns fashion fanatics as she Dons Iconic Mugler Robot Suit from 1995 Collection at 'Dune' Part Two Premiere

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 16th 2024 12:54 PM  |  Updated: February 16th 2024 12:54 PM

Zendaya stuns fashion fanatics as she Dons Iconic Mugler Robot Suit from 1995 Collection at 'Dune' Part Two Premiere

Dune Part II premiere: Even before the year 2024 kickstarted, the filmmakers have promised an enthralling year ahead for all the cinema goers around the globe, whether it's Bollywood, Hollywood or any other movie giants! As a long list of movies have been released in queues for getting launched in 2024, one of the most awaited movie titan has to the Dune sequel, Dune Part II to be precise. Starring Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya, the sci-fi drama is set to get it's theatrical release on 15th March, 2024. Recently, the whole team, inlcuding it's leading stars are basking it's film promotion around the biggest glittery corners of the Hollywood and their fashion ensemble are surely one of the part people are dieing for. Whether it's Timothee or Zendaya!

Zendaya at London premiere

Recently, it's leading actress Zendaya has stunned the fashion fanatics by wearing an insane looking metallic suit and presenterd herself as a living robot on her Dune Part II premiere held in London. Set to release in mid March, the creative team is currently engrossing in it's heavy events ad screenings in full doses and serving some jaw dropping fashion goals, and none of them are dissapointing. In-fact yesterday, the film 'Dune' Part II was premiered in London with sheer extravaganza and Zendaya was successful in amassing the attention of the cameras, becoming the morning headlines of every media outlet.

Zendaya bought archival Mugler to life

For the unversed, the ravishing actress appeared in an iconic Mugler metallic cat suit. But what was more mesmerising is to witness bringing back the classic Mugler on the premiere night as it belonged to it's 1995 couture collection. Zendaya bought the insane archival ensemble to life and left no chunks to complain. Looking like 'belong to her own galaxy', the actress surely matched the futuristic theme of her upcoming science fiction movie and gave one of the best fashion moment in the history of 'living back archival coutures'. 

More About Zendaya's robotic look 

Speaking of her outfit, as stated earlier it was first debuted on the runway at Paris Fashion Week in 1995, made up of silver metal giving it a armour looking cat suit including some oozing PVC-covered cutouts throughout the fit, including on the breasts and the butt cheeks. For the styling, she has ditched the original headgear which was featured back in the 90's and opted a sleek sheery bun and opted metallic heels to give the vibe of the robotic similarity. Even in styling, she stepped a notch higher with her vintage Bulguri diamond neckpiece, that could have otherwise never thought of being added with such a chicy outfit if not worn by Zenaday yesterday! Ever since her avante garde appearance went viral, fashion enthusiasts went gaga on internet and one even wrote, "Zendaya shook me out my senses. I am never gonna opt for basic ever again."


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