'I am still alive' claims veteran actress Veena Kapoor

written by Ritika Nath | December 15, 2022 12:20pm

Veena Kapoor murder news: The entire film fraternity was in shock as it was announced on December 10, that veteran actress Veena Kapoor was brutally murdered by her son. However, in the latest developments, the actress is still alive and has registered an NC at Juhu's Police station.

image source: Instagram

For the unversed, the lady who died shared the same name as the actress, and everyone was mistaken that veteran actress Veena Kapoor has died.

Following this, according to the actress, people have been posting condolence notes and even insulting her son. She and her kid received numerous phone calls as well.

According to Kapoor, some people are spreading false information about her on social media. She expressed her frustration about the viral success of her images bearing such remarks. She and the late Veena Kapoor had, incidentally, appeared in a Punjabi serial together.

image source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Veteran star Veena Kapoor's son said that he frequently got calls accusing him of killing his mother. Such a thing is beyond his wildest imagination. Upon hearing this news and the comments on social media, he felt terrible. he kindly requests that rumours not be disseminated. haven't killed my mum; she is still alive.

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