In the trailer of Sanak, Vidyut Jammwal returns as a "lone wolf" fighting goons

written by Ritika Nath | October 07, 2021

Bollywood action- Vidyut Jammwal who is known for his action-packed movie is all set for his upcoming film ‘Sanak’ The commando actor has recently taken everyone’s breathe away with the jam-packed action trailer of the movie.

The trailer for 'Sanak' looks promising. It appears to be based on the 'Die Hard' formula, in which a lone hero is forced to fight against several goons in a confined environment and must fight his way through in a short period of time.

Image Source: Instagram

Viewers will be treated to action, romance, family drama, and patriotism. Vidyut Jamwal's brilliant action stunts and amazing dialogue can be heard in the trailer. The trailer is so trendy with audiences that it is trending on YouTube.

Sharing the trailer of Sanak on Instagram, Vidyut Jammwal wrote, “Dekho meri #Sanak. #SanakTrailer out! Streaming from 15th October only on @disneyplushotstar #DisneyPlusHotstarMultiplex.”

Image Source: Instagram

"The film was shot during the pandemic time, and as every other Indian, we went to work and we came up with this film," Vidyut said of the project. I guarantee that watching it will inspire you to be a better version of yourself and to help those around you."

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The film will also star Bengali actress Rukmini Maitra, in addition to Vidyut Jamwal. This film will mark Rukmini's Bollywood debut. Aside from Vidyut Jamwal, the film will also feature Chandan Rai Sanyal, Neha Dhupia, and many others.


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