It’s not a trend, It's colour

written by Shimona Sharma | January 23, 2023 05:06pm

Ranveer Singh news: It was not very often that we saw celebrities flaunting colours or daring to pull it off a one as compared to today. Today colours express feelings as the critics say. From the darkest of pink to the brightest of violet, the colour pallet chosen by the streetwear, streetwear reached Bollywood and Bollywood reached households.


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Ranveer Singh was the first A-list celebrity who brought the trend into the Indian limelight. All thanks to Mr Singh for liberating the ‘right to wear anything’ inspiration to the common masses.

Today Gen-Z and in fact, millennials too prefer brighter hues rather than basic black and white. It is not just the big screen celebs, but also the fashion content creators are on a constant run to change the Indian clothing taste.

Having access to social media such as Instagram is a way made possible for accessing these extra spicy colourful outfits and looks in this “nothing impossible” era.  Back were the days when colours were a women's specimen decided by society while on contrary now colours don’t bind to one gender alone, it is instead gender fluid.

Thus, the idea of wearing anything has evolved, of course for betterment. This is the exact reason for the success of making people aware and reintroducing this new acceptance in the world of apparel and clothing.

Written by Durtiman Sonowal

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