It's 'Parmish Verma Vs Sharry Maan' again! Know what's happening

written by Ritika Nath | September 26, 2022 06:03pm

Parmish Verma Vs Sharry Maan news: What happened between Sharry Maan and Parmish Verma? This is what people are searching for after the war of words between Punjabi singers Sharry Maan and Parmish Verma broke out yet again.

It's Parmish Verma Vs Sharry Maan again as both the Punjabi singers are making news headlines for their recent social media banter.

What happened with Sharry Maan and Parmish Verma?

Sharry Maan yet again ignited the war of words as he said, on his Instagram Live, that when he comes to India, Parmish Verma can meet him wherever and whenever he wants to. Sharry also said, "Jatt da Bhai is the CM. Siddhi security jatt nu milugi."

In addition to this, Sharry also used derogatory remarks for Parmish Verma. In the video, he said, "Don't ask me if he is Drake or not, ask Parmish Verma only when he comes here."

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Later, Parmish Verma and singer-writer Laddi Chahal also took a dig at Sharry Maan.

Parmish Verma took to his Instagram stories and wrote, "Bahut Kalakaar G.O.A.T Ban’de Dekhe Si. Aah Pahila Hai Jehda Gadha Banda Dekhya! Taras Aunda Tere Eh Haalat Dekh Ke"

sharry mann go live and talking about sharry mann image source: Instagram

Laadi Chahal, on the other hand, wrote a brief note which reads, "Without Any Respect: To Sharry’. "You keep repeating Drake-Drake when your music was not working. While the world is fixing its differences and coming together, you continue to act foolishly. Feel ashamed because you are 40-years-old! Be a role model for your children," he said.

For the unversed, the clash between the two started last year when Sharry Maan came Live on his social media after he attended Parmish Verma's wedding.

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