Jaspal Bhatti, The King Of Political Satire Remembered At 'Jaspal Bhatti Humour Festival'

written by Parkash Deep Singh | March 09, 2018 06:03am

The king of political satire, Jaspal Bhatti was one of those rare comedians who never resorted to weird facial expressions or outlandish attires to make people laugh. ‘Ease of Comedy’, could be the best way to summarise Jaspal Bhatti and his way to make people laugh. Jaspal Bhatti humour Festival, a three-day event in memory of Great Comedian was organized in Chandigarh from 3rd to 5th March.

Jaspal Bhatti was famous for his satirical take on the problems of the common man. Binnu Dhillon, who was also present at the event, shared his experiences with the Late Comedian. “Every time he started working on a new project, Jaspal Bhatti, just to defy the usual omen, would intentionally make a Kitten cross their path”, said Dhillon. Chandan Prabhakar recalled how Jaspal Bhatti once took him to Dubai for a show and asked him to read out his dialogues in front of him but didn’t laugh even once during the whole time.

Expressing her vision behind ‘Jaspal Bhatti Humour festival’, Savita Bhatti, the Late Comedian’s wife said that every year the entire team behind this humour festival tries to bring something new to the table. “We want Jaspal Bhatti Humour Festival to reflect the person that Jaspal Bhatti actually was”, said Savita Bhatti.

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