Elevate Your Iftar 2024 with These Mouthwatering Ramadan Drink Recipes!

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  March 28th 2024 05:19 PM  |  Updated: March 28th 2024 05:19 PM

Elevate Your Iftar 2024 with These Mouthwatering Ramadan Drink Recipes!

During the sacred month of Ramadan, Muslims across the globe observe a spiritual practice of fasting from sunrise to sunset, abstaining from any food or liquid consumption. However, as the sun sets, a cherished tradition unfolds – the breaking of the fast, known as iftar. This momentous occasion brings together friends and family in a jubilant gathering, characterized by an opulent feast. Laden with traditional delicacies and sweet treats, the iftar meal serves as a celebration of togetherness and gratitude.

Among the culinary delights that grace the iftar table, a variety of beverages hold a special place. These beverages not only offer refreshment after a day of fasting but also add a touch of vibrancy to the iftar experience. Today, we delve into some unique and tantalizing drinks perfect for enhancing your Ramadan festivities.

Blue Moon

This enchanting concoction combines the exotic flavors of lychee with the zesty tang of lemon, all wrapped in the captivating hue of blue curacao. To prepare this celestial elixir, blend 150 ml of lychee juice with 30 ml of lemon juice, 60 ml of blue curacao, and 30 ml of simple syrup. Serve garnished with pineapple chunks for a visually stunning and refreshingly delightful drink.

Kala Noor

Drawing inspiration from traditional masala mixes, Kala Noor offers a tantalizing blend of savory and tangy flavors. To create this captivating beverage, mix Kala Noor special masala – comprising black salt, table salt, roasted cumin powder, roasted black pepper powder, and lemon juice – with 130 ml of flavored soda. The result is a drink that tantalizes the taste buds with its unique flavor profile, perfect for invigorating the senses after a day of fasting.

Paan Bahar

Infused with the essence of sweet paan candies and fresh mint, Paan Bahar is a delightful fusion of flavors. Begin by combining 150 ml of yogurt with 60 ml of simple syrup and 30 ml of green mint syrup. Add two sweet paan candies to the mix and blend until smooth. Garnish with mint leaves and serve in a martini glass for a refreshing and indulgent treat.


Inspired by the lush landscapes of Kashmir, Gulmarg is a fruity concoction that delights the palate with its vibrant flavors. To prepare this exquisite drink, mix 120 ml of mixed fruit juice with 80 ml of milk and 60 ml of strawberry squash. Garnish with sliced fruits of your choice for a visually appealing presentation that is sure to captivate both the eyes and the taste buds.


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