Experience the magic of Northern Lights in these 5 places, situated around the globe!

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 23rd 2024 12:00 PM  |  Updated: February 23rd 2024 12:00 PM

Experience the magic of Northern Lights in these 5 places, situated around the globe!

Aurora Borealis or Northern lights are billions of charged particles that tries to enter Earth at ultra high speeds and struck with the outer atmospheric layer, causing a flickering light on the sky. The green/blusih lights spellbounds the living creature to breathe under it's marvelous sighting. These Magnificent auroras has been stunning the human lives with it's rare yet unreal appearances from long ago. But not everybody is lucky enough to witness such a rare beauty! In-fact it is one of the most rarest event caused by the mother nature. Speaking in a nutshell, not every place is suitable for forming the phenomenon. Hence, there are very limited amount of places around the world which will offer you the dazzling sky light but only if the temperature and the climate is close enough to make it Happen! So here I bring you some luckiest places on earth that witnesses the breathtaking Northern lights. 

Northern Lights Sightings



When talked about northern lights or auroras, Norway is the first name that comes in mind. Tromso, a city situated in the Northern Norway is located on an island has some amazing climatic conditions to witness the uncovered beauty. Best time for watching the lights is during September and April.



The nerve-chilling freezing cold of Alaska gives a bundle opportunities to enjoy the skylight game. It is said, "if you stay here for three days, your chances for getting closer to northern lights increases to more than 90 percent". 'Fairbank,' Alaska is a place famous for the rare cause due to it's great location.



'Yellowknife' is a Canadian city located very near to North Pole is another perfect spot to engage in the rare phenomenon. The place is located just below the Auroral Oval where most of the auroral activity takes place. Infact, Yellowknife offers 200 days in a year to the sky-watchers to enjoy the view. 



Located in the far north of Swedan, Abisco is a small village, famous for some amazing aurora sightings. Infact many sources regarded the place as the most incredible place in the world to see the northern lights. Meanwhile, it also has a sky station for the same under the name of Aurora Sky Station on top of Mount Njella. November to April is a perfect time to enjoy the unreal sky.


Until now, India was never a perfect zone for Aurora sightings. But recently, people were stunned to see the dazzling green light over the Mount Saraswati of Ladakh during 2023. The Indian Astronomical Observatory(IAO) has captured the flicker. It was however last seen in 2015. The recent Indian aurora captured in Ladakh were also witnessed from Europe and China. Meanwhile, India cannot be listed in the best place list but the Ladakh region might turn out to be one future perfect destination to see the ultimate northern lights. 


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