From snowcapped Kashmir to party freak Bengaluru; 7 Best Indian places to celebrate New Year in your own way!

Written by  Durtimans   |  December 28th 2023 02:08 PM  |  Updated: December 28th 2023 02:08 PM

From snowcapped Kashmir to party freak Bengaluru; 7 Best Indian places to celebrate New Year in your own way!

New Year is the most anticipated time of the year, where everything is set aside to start for a new beginning, from absolute scratch including live's that are slatted to bloom once again. As the year 2023 is drawing closer to it's end, we all are eagerly waiting for the the D-Day to arrive to let ourselves amulgamate into the surreal begiinig of an another year. But while we look around the best places to celebrate the upcoming year with zest, we are rather left confused while thinking where to head to and what would make that place so special for us to spend the memorable day, well of-course in the most mesmerzing way possible. Well, here is the list of places specially curated for every type of new year fanatic, whether a one who seeks a serene vacay in peace or the ones who needs booze and enthralling parties to give the year a kickstart. Below is the list.


Mumbai - The busting metropolis of the country, the city of dreams and the city that never sleeps, Mumbai gives you everything to the party freaks. At the time of the New Year, clubs go buzzing for the whole day and night sessions providing for the elites to have the zesty thrill. Apart from parties and drinks, the city is bedazzled with lights! The iconic Gateway of India and Marine Drive feels surreal during this time of the year. 


Bengaluru - Karnataka's iconic city is, Bengalutru is of-course known for it's IT firms but what is more interesting is it's eclectic mix of culture and intense modernity. In terms of parties, this South Indian city emerges the top postition with a population of corporate youth that seek parties and booze for their work hour escapism. From the lighted street to it's enthralling party spots, Bengaluru offers a wonderful way to start off your new year, in a true tech savvy way! 


Pondicherry - A little less noisy, a little away from hi-tech parties and DJ's, Pondicherry is the best place for someone who loves ocean, water and heavenly beaches. The French influeced city provides with a beautiful backdrop for travelers to indluge in some thrilling hop around moments inside the yellowish city. With a little touch of history and spirituality, it offers some great new year celbration and cultural events to spend your new beginning. 


Kasol - Layered with finesse among the tall snowcapped peaks of Parvati mountain range, Kasol in Himachal is a party place for someone who loves techno and mountain vibes to be around. Also known as the mini Isarel of India, this place is also filled with Israeli's food culture and not forget about the mountain trails! There are numerous untouched and unexplored terrains in kasol that will ooze you if you love adventure and live for it. 


Delhi - The Capital of the country will give you everything to every new year seeker. There are abundance of things for one to indulge in Delhi! With an amazing mixture of India's rich history and modern life, the city provides with ample of things which includes from sightseeing the iconic monuments to the numerous events Delhi hosts for it's new year enthusiasts. It is a place for the ones who wants a sophisticated yet cultury rich experience while ringing the new year. 


Srinagar - Srinagar of Kashmir covers in a white blanket during the new year season and what can be a better place for someone who wants to run away from the hook & honks of their messy city life? Imagine waking up to a wonderland view in the morning while fresh snowflakes falling over your head making you believe your forever dreamn to feel that forever anticipated Bollywood life. The Dal lake looks like a scenary with full colorful boats swinging in the waters with a panoramic sky scrappin mountains. The warm cuisine of Kashmir will add more experiences to feel in the Indian's land of heaven. 


Manali - Himachal's icon Manali is no less in experiencess newness during the beginning of an another year. Delve yourself in the sclassic cafes of the town while having views of the majestic mountains. Well if one is looking for a roadtrip, Manali si the gateway to India's best roadtrip destination, Leh-Ladakh. Sissu, Rohtang Valley are the best places in Manali for experiences fresh snow during January. 


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